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Chevalier, M.; Robert, F.; Amusant, N.; Traisnel, M.; Roos, C.; Lebrini, M. Enhanced corrosion resistance of mild steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid solution by alkaloids extract from Aniba rosaeodora plant: Electrochemical, phytochemical and XPS studies 2014 Electrochimica Acta 131 96-105
Nasr, H.; Domenach, A.M.; Ghorbel, M.H.; Benson, D.R. Divergence in symbiotic interactions between same genotypic PCR-RFLP Frankia strains and different Casuarinaceae species under natural conditions 2007 Physiologia Plantarum 130 400-408
Bertani, S.; Houel, E.; Jullian, V.; Bourdy, G.; Valentin, A.; Stien, D.; Deharo, E. New findings on Simalikalactone D, an antimalarial compound from Quassia amara L. (Simaroubaceae) 2012 Experimental Parasitology 130 341-347
Vleminckx, Jason ; Fortunel, Claire ; Valverde-Barrantes, Oscar ; Paine, C.E. Timothy ; Engel, Julien ; Petronelli, Pascal ; Dourdain, Aurélie K. ; Guevara, Juan ; Béroujon, Solène ; Baraloto, Christophier Resolving whole-plant economics from leaf, stem and root traits of 1467 Amazonian tree species 2021 Oikos 130 1193-1208
Schmitt, S.; Hérault, B.; Ducouret, É.; Baranger, A.; Tysklind, N.; Heuertz, M.; Marcon, É.; Cazal, S.O.; Derroire, G. Topography consistently drives intra- and inter-specific leaf trait variation within tree species complexes in a Neotropical forest 2020 Oikos 129 1521-1530
Houel, E.; Bertani, S.; Bourdy, G.; Deharo, E.; Jullian, V.; Valentin, A.; Chevalley, S.; Stien, D. Quassinoid constituents of Quassia amara L. leaf herbal tea. Impact on its antimalarial activity and cytotoxicity 2009 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 126 114-118
Odonne, G.; Bourdy, G.; Castillo, D.; Estevez, Y.; Lancha-Tangoa, A.; Alban-Castillo, J.; Deharo, E.; Rojas, R.; Stien, D.; Sauvain, M. Ta'ta', Huayani: Perception of leishmaniasis and evaluation of medicinal plants used by the Chayahuita in Peru. Part II 2009 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 126 149-158
Van Langenhove, Leandro ; Depaepe, Thomas ; Verryckt, Lore T. ; Vallicrosa, Helena ; Fuchslueger, Lucia ; Lugli, Laynara F. ; Bréchet, Laëtitia M. ; Ogaya, Roma ; Llusia, Joan ; Urbina, Ifigenia ; Gargallo-Garriga, Albert ; Grau, Oriol ; Richter, Andreas ; Penuelas, Josep ; Van Der Straeten, Dominique ; August Janssens, Ivan A. Impact of Nutrient Additions on Free-Living Nitrogen Fixation in Litter and Soil of Two French-Guianese Lowland Tropical Forests 2021 JGR Biogeosciences 126 e2020JG006023
Vincent, G.; Sabatier, D.; Blanc, L.; Chave, J.; Weissenbacher, E.; Pélissier, R.; Fonty, E.; Molino, J.-F.; Couteron, P. Accuracy of small footprint airborne LiDAR in its predictions of tropical moist forest stand structure 2012 Remote Sensing of Environment 125 23-33
Dejean, A.; Orivel, J.; Leponce, M.; Compin, A.; Delabie, J.H.C.; Azémar, F.; Corbara, B. Ant–plant relationships in the canopy of an Amazonian rainforest: the presence of an ant mosaic 2018 Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 125 344-354