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Dezerald, O.; Talaga, S.; Leroy, C.; Carrias, J.-F.; Corbara, B.; Dejean, A.; Céréghino, R. Environmental determinants of macroinvertebrate diversity in small water bodies: Insights from tank-bromeliads 2014 Hydrobiologia 723 77-86
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Migliavacca, Mirco ; Musavi, Talie ; Mahecha, Miguel D. ; Nelson, Jacob A. ; Knauer, Jurgen ; Baldocchi, Dennis D. ; Perez-Priego, Oscar ; Christiansen, Rune ; Peters, Jonas ; Anderson, Karen ; Bahn, Michael ; Black, T. Andrew ; Blanken, Peter D. ; and all .................. The three major axes of terrestrial ecosystem function 2021 Nature 598 468-472