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Fichaux, M.; Béchade, B.; Donald, J.; Weyna, A.; Delabie, J.H.C.; Murienne, J.; Baraloto, C.; Orivel, J. Habitats shape taxonomic and functional composition of Neotropical ant assemblages 2019 Oecologia 189 501-513
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Courtois, E. A.; Stahl, C.; Burban, B.; Van Den Berge, J.; Berveiller, D.; Bréchet, L.; Larned Soong, J.; Arriga, N.; Peñuelas, J.; August Janssens, I. Automatic high-frequency measurements of full soil greenhouse gas fluxes in a tropical forest 2019 Biogeosciences 16 785-796
Fu, T.; Houel, E.; Amusant, N.; Touboul, D.; Genta-Jouve, G.; Della-Negra, S.; Fisher, G.L.; Brunelle, A.; Duplais, C. Biosynthetic investigation of γ-lactones in Sextonia rubra wood using in situ TOF-SIMS MS/MS imaging to localize and characterize biosynthetic intermediates 2019 Scientific Reports 9 1928
Taureau, F.; Robin, M.; Proisy, C.; Fromard, F.; Imbert, D.; Debaine, F. Mapping the mangrove forest canopy using spectral unmixing of very high spatial resolution satellite images 2019 Remote Sensing 11 367
Lehnebach, R.; Bossu, J.; Va, S.; Morel, H.; Amusant, N.; Nicolini, E.; Beauchene, J. Wood density variations of legume trees in French Guiana along the shade tolerance continuum: Heartwood effects on radial patterns and gradients 2019 Forests 10
Ciminera, M.; Auger-Rozenberg, M.-A.; Caron, H.; Herrera, M.; Scotti-Saintagne, C.; Scotti, I.; Tysklind, N.; Roques, A. Genetic Variation and Differentiation of Hylesia metabus (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae): Moths of Public Health Importance in French Guiana and in Venezuela 2019 Journal of medical entomology 56 137-148
Aguilos, M.; Stahl, C.; Burban, B.; Hérault, B.; Courtois, E.; Coste, S.; Wagner, F.; Ziegler, C.; Takagi, K.; Bonal, D. Interannual and seasonal variations in ecosystem transpiration and water use efficiency in a tropical rainforest 2018 Forests 10
Prunier, J.; Maurice, L.; Perez, E.; Gigault, J.; Pierson Wickmann, A.-C.; Davranche, M.; Halle, A.T. Trace metals in polyethylene debris from the North Atlantic subtropical gyre 2019 Environmental Pollution 245 371-379
Dezecache, C.; Salles, J.-M.; Herault, B. Questioning emissions-based approaches for the definition of REDD+ deforestation baselines in high forest cover/low deforestation countries 2018 Carbon Balance Manage. 13