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Vergne, Antoine ; Darbot, Vincent ; Bardot, Corinne ; Enault, François ; Le Jeune, Anne-Hélène ; Carrias, Jean-François ; Corbara, Bruno ; Céréghino, Régis ; Leroy, Celine ; Jeanthon, Christian ; Giraud, Eric ; Mary, Isabelle ; Lehours, Anne-Catherine Assemblages of anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in tank bromeliads exhibit a host-specific signatureit 2021 Journal of Ecology 109 2550-2565
Chanson, Anaïs ; Moreau, Corrie S. ; Duplais, Christophe Assessing Biosynthetic Gene Cluster Diversity of Specialized Metabolites in the Conserved Gut Symbionts of Herbivorous Turtle Ants 2021 Frontiers in Microbiology 12 678100
Coste, S.; Baraloto, C.; Leroy, C.; Marcon, E.; Renaud, A.; Richardson, A.D.; Roggy, J.C.; Schimann, H.; Uddling, J.; Herault, B. Assessing foliar chlorophyll contents with the SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter: a calibration test with thirteen tree species of tropical rainforest in French Guiana 2010 Annals of Forest Science 67 607
Chaves, C.L.; Degen, B.; Pakull, B.; Mader, M.; Honorio, E.; Ruas, P.; Tysklind, N.; Sebbenn, A.M. Assessing the Ability of Chloroplast and Nuclear DNA Gene Markers to Verify the Geographic Origin of Jatoba (Hymenaea courbaril L.) Timber 2018 Journal of Heredity 109 543-552
Jona Lasinio, G.; Pollice, A.; Marcon, E.; Fano, E.A. Assessing the role of the spatial scale in the analysis of lagoon biodiversity. A case-study on the macrobenthic fauna of the Po River Delta 2017 Ecological Indicators 80 303-315
Piponiot, C.; Derroire, G.; Descroix, L.; Mazzei, L.; Rutishauser, E.; Sist, P.; Hérault, B. Assessing timber volume recovery after disturbance in tropical forests – A new modelling framework 2018 Ecological Modelling 384 353-369
Falkowski, M.; Jahn-Oyac, A.; Ferrero, E.; Issaly, J.; Eparvier, V.; Girod, R.; Rodrigues, A.M.S.; Stien, D.; Houel, E.; Dusfour, I. Assessment of A Simple Compound-Saving Method to Study Insecticidal Activity of Natural Extracts and Pure Compounds Against Mosquito Larvae 2016 Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 32 337-340
Schwalm, C.R.; Williams, C.A.; Schaefer, K.; Arneth, A.; Bonal, D.; Buchmann, N.; Chen, J.Q.; Law, B.E.; Lindroth, A.; Luyssaert, S.; Reichstein, M.; Richardson, A.D. Assimilation exceeds respiration sensitivity to drought: A FLUXNET synthesis 2010 Global Change Biology 16 657-670
Wagner, F.; Rossi, V.; Stahl, C.; Bonal, D.; Herault, B. Asynchronism in leaf and wood production in tropical forests: A study combining satellite and ground-based measurements 2013 Biogeosciences 10 7307-7321
Maggia, Marie-Eugénie ; Decaëns, Thibaud ; Lapied, Emmanuel ; Dupont, Lise ; Roy, Virginie ; Schimann, Heidy ; Orivel, Jérome ; Murienne, Jérôme ; Baraloto, Christophier ; Cottenie, Karl ; Steinke, Dirk At each site its diversity: DNA barcoding reveals remarkable earthworm diversity in neotropical rainforests of French Guiana 2021 Applied Soil Ecology 164 103932