Lecythis holcogyne (Lecythidaceae)

Welcome to the database of the BRIDGE (Bridging Information on Tree Diversity in French Guiana, and a Test of Ecological Theories) project! This project brings together 65 researchers from nine different European research groups in tropical ecology, and seeks to improve our knowledge on the various dimensions of tree biological diversity in French Guiana (specific, functional, evolutionary). The CO-PI's of this project are Jerome Chave (CNRS) and Christopher Baraloto (EcoFoG - INRA). If you have forgotten your password, or would like to obtain a password, contact Tim Paine. You may also wish to visit the public web pages of the BRIDGE project.

This website presents the data collected in this project, with the objective of facilitating collaboration among our far-flung participants. We currently provide data on 9 plots, which contain 4672 individuals, representing 668 taxa. Leaf traits have been assessed for 13560 leaves. 285 GCMS signatures of defense chemicals are available. Individuals are depicted in 12554 photos. 2540 DNA extractions have been performed. The trees in this database have been subjected to 22735 DBH measurements.

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