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Levionnois, S.; Coste, S.; Nicolini, E.; Stahl, C.; Morel, H.; Heuret, P. Scaling of petiole anatomies, mechanics and vasculatures with leaf size in the widespread Neotropical pioneer tree species Cecropia obtusa Trécul (Urticaceae) 2020 Tree physiology 40 245-258
Ntawuhiganayo, E.B.; Uwizeye, F.K.; Zibera, E.; Dusenge, M.E.; Ziegler, C.; Ntirugulirwa, B.; Nsabimana, D.; Wallin, G.; Uddling, J. Traits controlling shade tolerance in tropical montane trees 2020 Tree physiology 40 183-197
Privet, K.; Vedel, V.; Fortunel, C.; Orivel, J.; Martinez, Q.; Cerdan, A.; Baraloto, C.; Pétillon, J. Relative effciency of pitfall trapping vs. nocturnal hand collecting in assessing soil-dwelling spider diversity along a structural gradient of neotropical habitats 2020 Diversity 12 81
Baudrimont, M.; Arini, A.; Guégan, C.; Venel, Z.; Gigault, J.; Pedrono, B.; Prunier, J.; Maurice, L.; Ter Halle, A.; Feurtet-Mazel, A. Ecotoxicity of polyethylene nanoplastics from the North Atlantic oceanic gyre on freshwater and marine organisms (microalgae and filter-feeding bivalves) 2020 Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27 3746-3755
Carrias, J.-F.; Gerphagnon, M.; Rodríguez-Pérez, H.; Borrel, G.; Loiseau, C.; Corbara, B.; Céréghino, R.; Mary, I.; Leroy, C. Resource availability drives bacterial succession during leaf-litter decomposition in a bromeliad ecosystem 2020 FEMS microbiology ecology 96 fiaa045
Touchard, A.; Aili, S.R.; Téné, N.; Barassé, V.; Klopp, C.; Dejean, A.; Kini, R.M.; Mrinalini; Coquet, L.; Jouenne, T.; Lefranc, B.; Leprince, J.; Escoubas, P.; Nicholson, G.M.; Treilhou, M.; Bonnafé, E. Venom Peptide Repertoire of the European Myrmicine Ant Manica rubida: Identification of Insecticidal Toxins 2020 Journal of proteome research 19 1800-1811
Heuertz, M.; Caron, H.; Scotti-Saintagne, C.; Pétronelli, P.; Engel, J.; Tysklind, N.; Miloudi, S.; Gaiotto, F.A.; Chave, J.; Molino, J.-F.; Sabatier, D.; Loureiro, J.; Budde, K.B. The hyperdominant tropical tree Eschweilera coriacea (Lecythidaceae) shows higher genetic heterogeneity than sympatric Eschweilera species in French Guiana 2020 Plant Ecology and Evolution 153 67-81
Ramalho, M.O.; Duplais, C.; Orivel, J.; Dejean, A.; Gibson, J.C.; Suarez, A.V.; Moreau, C.S. Development but not diet alters microbial communities in the Neotropical arboreal trap jaw ant Daceton armigerum: an exploratory study 2020 Scientific Reports 10 7350
Gargallo-Garriga, A.; Sardans, J.; Granda, V.; Llusià, J.; Peguero, G.; Asensio, D.; Ogaya, R.; Urbina, I.; Van Langenhove, L.; Verryckt, L.T.; Chave, J.; Courtois, E.A.; Stahl, C.; Grau, O.; Klem, K.; Urban, O.; Janssens, I.A.; Peñuelas, J. Different “metabolomic niches” of the highly diverse tree species of the French Guiana rainforests 2020 Scientific Reports 10 6937
Levionnois, S.; Tysklind, N.; Nicolini, E.; Ferry, B.; Troispoux, V.; Le Moguedec, G.; Morel, H.; Stahl, C.; Coste, S.; Caron, H.; Heuret, P. Soil variation response is mediated by growth trajectories rather than functional traits in a widespread pioneer Neotropical tree 2020 bioRxiv, peer-reviewed by Peer Community in Ecology 351197