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Leroy, C.; Petitclerc, F.; Orivel, J.; Corbara, B.; Carrias, J.-F.; Dejean, A.; Céréghino, R. The influence of light, substrate and seed origin on the germination and establishment of an ant-garden bromeliad 2017 Plant Biology 19 70-78
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Schmitt, S.; Hérault, B.; Ducouret, É.; Baranger, A.; Tysklind, N.; Heuertz, M.; Marcon, É.; Cazal, S.O.; Derroire, G. Topography consistently drives intra- and inter-specific leaf trait variation within tree species complexes in a Neotropical forest 2020 Oikos 129 1521-1530
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Leroy, Celine ; Maes, Arthur QuyManh ; Louisanna, Eliane ; Schimann, Heidy ; Séjalon-Delmas, Nathalie Taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity of rootassociated fungi in bromeliads: effects of host identity, life forms and nutritional modes 2021 New Phytologist 231 1195-1209
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Fortunel, C.; Stahl, C.; Heuret, P.; Nicolini, E.; Baraloto, C. Disentangling the effects of environment and ontogeny on tree functional dimensions for congeneric species in tropical forests 2020 New Phytologist 226 385-395