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Maggia, Marie-Eugénie ; Decaëns, Thibaud ; Lapied, Emmanuel ; Dupont, Lise ; Roy, Virginie ; Schimann, Heidy ; Orivel, Jérome ; Murienne, Jérôme ; Baraloto, Christophier ; Cottenie, Karl ; Steinke, Dirk At each site its diversity: DNA barcoding reveals remarkable earthworm diversity in neotropical rainforests of French Guiana 2021 Applied Soil Ecology 164 103932
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Dejean, A.; Orivel, J.; Rossi, V.; Roux, O.; Lauth, J.; Malé, P.-J.G.; Céréghino, R.; Leroy, C. Predation Success By A Plant-Ant Indirectly Favours The Growth And Fitness Of Its Host Myrmecophyte 2013 PLoS ONE 8 e59405